Like most people who do photography I have tried to emulate others’ styles to learn both the technical and aesthetic parts to the medium. Overtime I have started to drop the idea of copying others and picked up the idea of just being myself. In the early days, I was driven by trying to get those beautiful and stunning images that we see all the time – you know glorious sunrises and all that. But, as time has gone on I have felt confident in dropping that stuff because it’s too much like what everyone else does. I am happy taking shots for my own satisfaction, rather than seeking ambiguous praise from others. Now my street work is becoming more free and less focused on the idea of dull technical perfection and what others’ would want to see.

In recent times I have started to make another change to my work by seeing shots as part as an overall collective or series, rather than in terms of single images. I love the idea of creating a narrative about the things that I see. This, for me, is where things are heading at the moment. But also, it’s a lot more fun tying images together to create a mood. It never ceases to amaze me just what can fit within a 36 x 24mm frame or sequence of them!

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