Less is more

I started photography seriously when I was 18 and shot for about 10 years before falling out of love with the medium (then, a couple of years ago, I fell back in with it again). In those days, I shot weddings and landscapes. I enjoyed the wedding work and did some of it again last year for the first time in years. It was still very enjoyable, though nowadays everyone seems to want to get in front of you to get the shot as well. Years ago, people seemed to respect photographers more – probably because everything was shot on film, which cost a fortune in comparison to snapping away with digital. When it was film I would probably take about 75 – 100 frames max, with digital – well what the hell you might as well shoot to justify the fortune that was spent on the Canon – 800 frames! Someone recently told me they shot over 3000 frames per wedding. I found scrolling through 800 shots soul destroying, I can’t imagine what would be left of your sanity after 3000 shots!

Nowadays, even though I have an pretty amazing digital camera, it mostly sits in the camera bag. I shoot mostly on film – going out with 2 rolls of film (of which I will use only about half of one roll per shoot) concentrates the mind more. Especially at £8 per roll with processing costs. The other difference is not ‘chimping’ like I have some form of OCD. You just shoot and move on, no point staring at the back of the camera as it only has a film speed dial on it.

At the moment I have about 70 rolls of film to develop, which is about 3000 frames. It’s taken me about a year to put this much work together – slightly longer than the wedding photographer’s shoot! Let’s just hope there’s something decent out of all those films!

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