The pros and cons of film

I love film, it’s such a nice medium to use. However, unlike digital it takes me forever to get anything processed, scanned / printed. The pros of using film are about the experience of using the stuff and the look of the shots when they, finally, get sorted out. Let’s not talk about the cost difference… I have recently got about 30 films processed, I say recently about a month ago, I have managed to scan about four images so far. I still have another 40+ films to process, so at least I am saving up some work for some distant day in the future where I have the magic combination of time and motivation to face the film mountain. You would think with this hassle, I would just pick up the digital camera and dump the old stuff. However, I find myself shooting more film as time goes on. So, why do I shoot a lot of film if I am going to take an aeon to develop and actually see the results? The only real answer I can give to that question at the moment is that film gives me a difference felt experience to digital – both are great mediums for capturing images – but focusing, clicking, winding and reloading is just so nice to do!

Untitled (2)

(One of the four processed shots, by the way!)

Short project


My mate and I have decided to set ourselves little creative challenges. We have decided to both do our own take on the same project idea. The idea for the next work is to find a space, sit, wait and see what appears before the camera.  I trialled the market square in Salisbury for about 30 minutes. I am going to run with this spot for a few days to see what develops. The good thing about this project is that the aim is to free your thinking and work with what appears before you.