This corner of the library in Salisbury is often the home for someone for the night. Soon after I took this shot, I came across a man setting up his ‘bed’ in the doorway of the local Phones 4 u store.

I called the post Sanctuary as in the Cathedral grounds a sculpture exhibition by the same name has been running for some months. The aim of the art project is to explore different meanings of the word sanctuary. In some ways the location above is probably a sanctuary for someone from the elements. But, I can’t really imagine that it would be totally safe to sleep there at night. I would feel exposed and on edge if I tried to sleep there. Hence the question mark.

Previously, I had written an entry on another ‘blog’ that I post photos on (Blipfoto) where I talked about how sad it all was. I still personally think this, but I expect the story of why people become homeless and why they continue to do it is far more complex than being a simple ‘sad tale’.


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