Finding my voice

The most difficult thing about photography is trying to take a universal medium that just about everyone has access to and stamp your unique ‘voice’ on it. Everyone’s images can look the same, unless you try different techniques and approaches to make your shots stand out as your own. My work looks much like anyone else’s really. The work by photographers like Anders Petersen and Jacob Aue Sobol have their voice strongly stamped on to their images. How I would love to be able to create work that stands out as being uniquely mine.

My recent exhibition, Salisbury: Night Walks, is the closest I have got to finding my voice. The art documentary approach, strong blacks with graphic composition certainly reflects my work. However, whilst I love a lot of the shots in the project, there is still something missing from the work. For me, the missing ingredient is probably about getting a stronger emotional reaction from the viewer. Getting images with more emotive / emotional content seems to be the order of the day here. Making people stop and think sounds like a good next step in this photographic journey that I am on…


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