Early mornings

Over the last weekend I have made an effort to get up early and do some landscape work (believe me, it is an effort!). I haven’t done this kind of stuff for years. I feel that I need to do some more work on the Landlines project (all of my projects are generally long-term, as I like to move things around depending on my mood. I currently have four projects on the go: Salisbury Nights, Landlines, Remembrance and Swanage. I quite like having multiple bodies of work on the go at the same time. I am also due to start another project for a local charity this month, which will probably be a lot ‘tighter’ in focus than the work above.

Anyway, back to the early mornings. It was really nice to get up early and shoot in a slow, methodical way using a tripod. The early morning light was lovely. I particularly liked the pre-dawn light (see the shot below). This was my favourite light, as it looked great but also allowed a lot of detail to be revealed in the landscape. I would love to get more shots like this. A dominant feature of the landlines project is about shooting in flat light to increase tonality in the shots. As soon as the sun was up, the landscape would become too contrasty for my project.

I am going to keep shooting early in the mornings (probably at the weekends, due to work commitments) and see how the project continues to shape up over time.



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