Harrods of Wilton

I have just started doing some photography work for The Burnbake Trust, which is a local charity based in Wilton. The trust started out helping people leaving prison and returning back into the community, something it still does today. It also helps disadvantaged families to get essential items via referrals from the local health and social care services.

I asked them if I could document the work that they do, and this weekend was the first part of that process. They run three shops in Wilton and a warehouse, as well as various fundraising events. My visit to them at the Berwick St John Country Fayre yesterday was to document one of their events. They are also doing several more soon, which I also hope to cover. I am looking forward to photographing their day-to-day operation; that is the shops, warehouse and vans that deliver goods to people in need.

It’ll certainly be interesting building up a picture of the charity over time. I was impressed when I went to visit them some weeks ago to present my ideas, they were very busy and there was a lot of work that was going on behind the immediately obvious face of the shops. This really impressed me, but also gives me a focus to the work as it is not obvious at all about how busy the operation is. I think documenting this and highlighting it to the general pubic will be a major part of the story.

Locally, due to the items that they sell (household items, such as fridges, kettles, cutlery, crockery, etc. and other things kindly donated) they are known in a tongue-in-cheek way as the ‘Harrods of Wilton’. I kind of like this name!

(I have set up a separate page (The Burnbake Trust) to show the pictures as the project develops. As usual, the pictures will change over time as the work changes. Click on the thumbnails to bring up the full size images.)

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