Bedwin Street Fisheries

I went for a short walk in town tonight after work to stretch my legs and find a few interesting shots. As I was walking down a back street near to the town centre in Salisbury, I came across a fish and chip shop that had just closed for the night. I thought the way it was set up inside looked great and quite unique. The chap who ran it was still there and he told me about the shop, explaining that it was pretty much the same layout since its early days (it opened in 1927) and that he had been redeveloping it in a way that kept its character. He also told me that the range he cooked on was the oldest in England and that he still used beef dripping to cook the food in.

It was a really nice chance encounter and a very interesting experience to talk to him a little about his business. I really like how people develop their businesses in interesting ways, like he has done. I also like the fact that using a camera gives me a doorway to other people’s worlds, like this one.

Now I just need to go back and try the food!


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