Day trip to London

I recently went on a day trip to London, I was going there for the London College of Communication open day to find out more about the MA in Documentary Photography course that they run there. It’s been a programme that I have wanted to do for sometime now.

I was going to see some exhibitions, but there wasn’t much on that I was particularly interested in. So, I decided to do some street photography ‘Japanese’ style! I really like Japanese street photography, particularly the work by Jun Abe, so I decided to have play with this idea. His work is usually black and white, but at the moment I really like shooting in colour…

I found that London is great fun for street photography, firstly no one seems to particularly care that you are shoving a camera almost in their face and, secondly, you can be very anonymous. Salisbury, my local patch, is much harder to be anonymous.

Here are a few of the shots from the day. The scans are a bit rough as I have only quickly processed them. However, I like the scratches and marks on the film shots it adds a bit of grit to the image!

Untitled (2) copy 2 Untitled (2) copy Untitled copy 2 Untitled copy 5 Untitled copy 6 Untitled copy 7 Untitled copy 10 Untitled copy 13