Swanage – Shot of the day

This is one of my favourite shots from the long-term Swanage project that Simon and I have been doing. Unfortunately, so far this year I have not had a chance to get down there to add to the project.

Whilst I was out yesterday, I had a bit of a realisation about shooting street photography in colour. As I was shooting on film you are going to have to imagine this! I saw a scene where there was a women seated wearing red, with red hair and two bikes behind her which were also red. Together they sort of formed a triangle. I quickly shot the scene, then moved on. I realised that it was the colour that was important in the scene, less so the person and what they were doing. My ‘realisation’ is that your eye goes to the colour first, then the person (particularly red).

This is why I like this shot below, as the red flags form a line that direct you to the person with the red umbrella. It’s also why I like Kodak Portra film as the colours are very different in their tone to what you see on a digital camera.


London – Shot of the day

I took this shot on a recent trip to London. I was testing out a new film called Adox Silvermax. I am going to post my views on the film on the blog soon, along with some more shots from the day trip there.

I really like this person’s suspicious expression. To be fair I was pointing a camera straight at them (click on the photo to see a larger version of the image on Flickr)!


Shot of the day

So, as I have taken the film camera with me today for the 365 project, I have decided I will post up a ‘shot of the day’ from my collection of images. I am going to shoot the 365 project on film for a while, get the film processed locally, then post the images up as a block post. Oh yeah, and somehow I need to record what shots I took on what day to keep track of the whole thing!

One thing I have noticed just by looking back over some images is that I shoot a lot ‘looser’ with a (film) rangefinder camera over a DSLR, where the images are more tightly composed. I am not totally sure why, but I really like how different cameras bring out different styles of photography.

This is a shot from a trip to Brighton some time back, I wish I could have lounged around like this today!

Brighton, some time in the past


Film, lovely film…

Even though the Canon DLSR is great and convenient for the 365 project, in my opinion you can’t beat the look of film – especially Kodak Portra. After two weeks’ of digital the film habit is drawing me back. Might have to find a way to shoot the 365 project with film as well as I am really missing it…argh!!!! (Any thoughts welcome!)

Sometime recently, who knows when as there is sod all exif data on film 🙂