Film, lovely film…

Even though the Canon DLSR is great and convenient for the 365 project, in my opinion you can’t beat the look of film – especially Kodak Portra. After two weeks’ of digital the film habit is drawing me back. Might have to find a way to shoot the 365 project with film as well as I am really missing it…argh!!!! (Any thoughts welcome!)

Sometime recently, who knows when as there is sod all exif data on film 🙂

2 Replies to “Film, lovely film…”

  1. I can only agree. I would still prefer black and white for street project, but this is my personal preference. As for the 365 project, never done such a thing, but if I decided to do it, I wouldn’t develop my rolls before the project is finished. Not to spoil the thrill of remembering and discovery of what I’ve got there.

    1. That’s a good idea not developing the film till some time later. I tend to move between colour and black and white in ‘blocks’ where I concentrate on one then the other for a while. Like you my preference is for black and white as well, particularly deep black tones! Thanks for your comment and the like.

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