BBC Yellowstone and Kodak Etkachrome


This week I have been watching the three part BBC nature show on Yellowstone National Park. I’ve really enjoyed it, the photography has been great and Yellowstone National Park just looks incredible (I have my eye on Zion National Park and have always wanted to visit Glacier National Park in the US – one day!).

I must admit that I got a little taken with the beavers over the episodes. I thought there were no beavers in Britain. However, Eurasian beavers have been (illegally) released back into Scotland after a 500 year absence. Turns out that they are to be formally protected now as a native species. It’s good to see the reintroduction of animals, given that so many are going the other way.

I used to follow the news about wildlife, but lost track of things over the years. Now that I have recently started to resume my interest in this area, I have been quite shocked at the state of things. I guess, though, I shouldn’t be.

The show is still on BBC iPlayer.


It’s really good to hear that Kodak is reintroducing Etkachrome. Personally, I thought that slide film was all but dead. Seems that the movie industry is loving film again, leading to a resurgence. I would love to Kodachrome come back, but I can’t see that happening. Still, when it’s available (apparently towards the end of 2017), I will get a few rolls!



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