London anti-Trump protest

I have been to the Anti-Trump protest this evening. As I walked over Westminster bridge it was pretty impressive to see how many people had come. I was still someway off Downing Street at this point, but a lot of people had amassed and were continuing to arrive. After another 10 minutes I started to push through the crowd to get closer to number 10 and the public speakers. I got to the cenotaph, but that was as far as I could get. The crowd was so large that I couldn’t really get closer. I could hear people talking to the crowd, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying.

I decided to hang around the area by the cenotaph. I was really impressed by the volume levels and determination of people to make their voice heard. I felt quite proud but also glad that we live in a democracy where we can express our views in such a way.

The diversity of people present was very interesting. There was a mix of young and old, as well as the very young! There was also a lot of diversity like business people and students, as well as the expected and welcomed ethnic diversity.

I stayed in the area for a couple of hours, all the time people kept arriving. When I started to head back, more police arrived on horses and with vehicles blocking the road. They were warning people to enter with care as the location was full to capacity.

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