Test shots

I have recently got hold of a Fuji XT2, so have been testing it out for street photography. Usually, if I want to shoot digital and have the flexibility of a zoom, I need to use my Canon DSLR. It’s doable, but definitely not the most subtle camera. Also, I always shoot with the strap wrapped around my wrist. I don’t like parking a camera around my neck. The Fuji is great, as it is very light in comparison to the Canon. My arm often feels that it is going to dislocate with the weight after an hour or so of walking around with the DSLR.

The other advantage the Fuji holds, is that as it is a mirrorless camera the EVF can display the scene in monochrome. As my preference is for black and white images, this is pretty perfect from my point of view – especially with Fuji’s wonderful Acros setting!

I also do a little (not enough in my opinion!) landscape photography. I did compare photos from the Canon and the Fuji. The Canon was better (you would expect that, I guess, from a full frame 30mp camera). However, there really wasn’t much in it.


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