365 – Recent shots

Here are the most recent shots that I have got available since I went over to film for the 365 project. I have picked up some more films from the processor today, so they will be up soon hopefully!


Tuesday 26th July 2016



Wednesday 27th July 2016



Thursday 28th July 2016



Friday 29th July 2016



Saturday 30th July



Sunday 31st July 2016



Monday 1st August 2016



Tuesday 2nd August 2016



Wednesday 3rd August 2016



Thursday 4th August 2016


Shot of the day

So, as I have taken the film camera with me today for the 365 project, I have decided I will post up a ‘shot of the day’ from my collection of images. I am going to shoot the 365 project on film for a while, get the film processed locally, then post the images up as a block post. Oh yeah, and somehow I need to record what shots I took on what day to keep track of the whole thing!

One thing I have noticed just by looking back over some images is that I shoot a lot ‘looser’ with a (film) rangefinder camera over a DSLR, where the images are more tightly composed. I am not totally sure why, but I really like how different cameras bring out different styles of photography.

This is a shot from a trip to Brighton some time back, I wish I could have lounged around like this today!


Brighton, some time in the past