Change of format

I have been using the Sempress theme on WordPress since I started blogging in 2014. However, that theme has now been discontinued. So, time for an update. When I set up the site, I tried to keep the theme to the background and let the images do the ‘talking’ (particularly as my ‘blogging’ seems to be quite sparse at the moment). Hopefully this new theme will also be similar in purpose.

I will update the site in the coming few months, as it needs a refresh and some pages need to be taken down, whilst others need to be put up. I am also hoping to do some video work over the winter period, so I will add this to the blog as and when I do it.


Film, lovely film…

Even though the Canon DLSR is great and convenient for the 365 project, in my opinion you can’t beat the look of film – especially Kodak Portra. After two weeks’ of digital the film habit is drawing me back. Might have to find a way to shoot the 365 project with film as well as I am really missing it…argh!!!! (Any thoughts welcome!)

Sometime recently, who knows when as there is sod all exif data on film 🙂