Test roll

Yesterday whilst I was out and about I managed to pick up a 1980 Olympus Trip compact film camera. It was really cheap and in beautiful condition. I didn’t know if it was going to work properly, but things were looking promising. So, today, I popped into Poundland picked up a roll of Agfa Vista 200 (several rolls actually…). Then I walked over to Salisbury Photo Centre (all of 5 minutes away). On the way, I just pointed the camera at anything to take some shots. My main aim was (a) to see if the camera exposes OK, (b) that it focuses as required and (c) there are no light leaks. In the space of five minutes I had taken the required 24 shots. I handed the film in, then picked it up a couple of hours later.  All the images came out fine. Here are a few images from that short walk with the camera. Even during that five minute walk it was a fun little camera to use. Definitely one to keep in the bag for snapshots!