Cathedral light

I had a bit of time after work tonight, so I got this shot when I went for a short walk at the Cathedral. I like the feeling of depth in the image.


Out and about at night, again

The carnival was out in town tonight. I didn’t get a lot of time to shoot, mainly as I had taken my youngest daughter with me to see it, so I just managed to get a few images in the end. It was nice and busy though in town, so on another occasion it would have made for some good photo opportunities.


Smoking a fag

I do like it now that the evenings are drawing in (although, like most people in a few months I will have had enough of the dark by then). Night street photography is my favourite time to shoot as I love the black that pervades the images.


Waiting for the bus

I just love some of the expressions that are going on in this image (click on it to view large). Shot from the hip on the go, whilst pushing my little lad in a pushchair!