20 minute photo shoot

One thing that I have mentioned before, probably quite a lot really ;), is the issue of having very little time to do photography amongst all the other demands of life. I was near Weymouth today and found that I had about 30 minutes to spare before needing to drive back to Salisbury.

So I went into town, found the local fish and chip shop and got myself a healthy standard British beachside meal (along with a full sugar-taxed Pepsi, just for added healthiness). Then, I thought, “I have 20 minutes, what can shots can I get in this space of time?” Turns out about 30 (most of which are complete rubbish). The best few I have posted up below. It was a quite fun to do and a good way to focus your attention when time is short (something that I really need to get better at in life generally, as my wife will no doubt testify to!).