This is a project that I have been shooting for a period of time now. The title of the project has several meanings. Firstly, it’s a play on Fay Godwin’s work Land. She apparently regarded her work as a social documentary project, rather than a straight landscape project. I have sought to use the same idea in this developing project. The second and third meanings are more my own. For the second, Landlines is about lines on the landscape. Each of the shots needs to reflect form and shape, which fits my fairly ‘graphic-art’ view of photography. The third meaning is that the phrase ‘landline’ means calling someone on the telephone, or to put it another way using the landline to communicate.

This third meaning is the one that I am most interested in, it’s also the one that I am still working on as the project develops (I don’t tend to work to a tight schedule or ideas, my mind is far to fickle for that!). At the moment, the implicit communication is about what we use the landscape for. As can be seen from the current work, much of it is about agricultural and industrial uses. However, as time goes on I am sure that a more interesting and nuanced narrative will develop.

All of the shots have been taken within a 25 mile circle of Salisbury. This is an ancient landscape, covering Stonehenge and the largest collection of Neolithic remains in Britain. It is also a very modern landscape, due to the pressures on producing food, military training and industrial developments. For a small geographic area it’s very diverse – and I have still yet to work on the southern areas which includes some of the New Forest.


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