This is a project that I have been shooting over the last couple of years. It’s about how we remember those important people who have been lost to us. Many of the initial shots were taken in the graveyards, where my interest was in documenting the items that people left by graves. Flowers are the usual items. However, there are a lot more things besides this. I never realised that it would be so interesting seeing what people leave at graves to remember loved ones. Part of me also thinks that items are left to ‘keep them company’. This seems particularly the case with the graves of children. These are by far the most difficult to shoot. I also never realised that these additional objects would cause such a fuss, as apparently quite a number of people think that these items are somehow degrading for the cemetery. Personally, I like the items there as it means that the person is still ‘alive’ in people’s minds. It means that a relationship with them continues, even if it is now a one-sided relationship.

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