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Monday 15th August 2016

Surreal Salisbury

I was just on a wander near to the Cathedral after work. It’s a good place to get some street photography shots when you don’t have much time as there are often people hanging around the area. This interesting figure in the doorway has obviously been hanging around far too long…

Thursday 21st July 2016

Day trip to Bath

The baby boy and I went to Bath today for a little trip out. It was very hot (about 33º) and busy in the centre. However, it was also good for street photography – even when pushing a baby along in a pushchair! I will try and post up some more images from the day later.

Wednesday 20th July 2016

Libraries of the dead

Whilst I was listening to the radio last week a person being interviewed was talking about being a taphologist (correct me if I am wrong here). This being a person who studies graves and how they have changed over time. He came up with an interesting phrase that graveyards were ‘libraries of the dead’. Specifically, he was talking about how graveyards tell stories about the people within them.

Now, I did (and slowly continue to do) a project on remembrance. My aim was not to be a taphologist, but to document how people seek to remember those who have died in the recent times. How people remember those who have passed away is quite fascinating, if a little morbid. Today, during my lunch break I went for a walk in Southampton’s Old Cemetery to look at one of these ‘libraries of the dead’.

Tuesday 19th July 2016