I was trying to get the 365 film shots scanned last night for posting up. However, I ran out of steam by the time I got through the fourth film! Just one more to go, so hopefully, those shots will be up soon.

However, in the meantime this is a shot I took in London last year.

Untitled copy 10


I love the expression on the face of the guy walking out of the scene on the right hand side. It’s always quite fun turning around and snapping the people immediately behind you!

Untitled copy 13.jpg

Another London Shot

This shot and the last post are images that I have only just scanned tonight – this is how long it takes for me to get around to doing this sort of stuff!

I should, however, be picking up the film from the processor this week with the images from the 365 project on it. Hopefully, they will be posted up at the weekend. I have also realised that this is also one of things about film – I have no idea what I have until I get the film back. So, some of the images might be pretty crappy!


Swanage – Shot of the day

This is one of my favourite shots from the long-term Swanage project that Simon and I have been doing. Unfortunately, so far this year I have not had a chance to get down there to add to the project.

Whilst I was out yesterday, I had a bit of a realisation about shooting street photography in colour. As I was shooting on film you are going to have to imagine this! I saw a scene where there was a women seated wearing red, with red hair and two bikes behind her which were also red. Together they sort of formed a triangle. I quickly shot the scene, then moved on. I realised that it was the colour that was important in the scene, less so the person and what they were doing. My ‘realisation’ is that your eye goes to the colour first, then the person (particularly red).

This is why I like this shot below, as the red flags form a line that direct you to the person with the red umbrella. It’s also why I like Kodak Portra film as the colours are very different in their tone to what you see on a digital camera.


Day trip to London

I recently went on a day trip to London, I was going there for the London College of Communication open day to find out more about the MA in Documentary Photography course that they run there. It’s been a programme that I have wanted to do for sometime now.

I was going to see some exhibitions, but there wasn’t much on that I was particularly interested in. So, I decided to do some street photography ‘Japanese’ style! I really like Japanese street photography, particularly the work by Jun Abe, so I decided to have play with this idea. His work is usually black and white, but at the moment I really like shooting in colour…

I found that London is great fun for street photography, firstly no one seems to particularly care that you are shoving a camera almost in their face and, secondly, you can be very anonymous. Salisbury, my local patch, is much harder to be anonymous.

Here are a few of the shots from the day. The scans are a bit rough as I have only quickly processed them. However, I like the scratches and marks on the film shots it adds a bit of grit to the image!

Untitled (2) copy 2 Untitled (2) copy Untitled copy 2 Untitled copy 5 Untitled copy 6 Untitled copy 7 Untitled copy 10 Untitled copy 13


I am in the process of putting together a new blog entry, but I thought I would post up this shot of the lights in the entrance to Salisbury Cathedral in the meantime!


In our name: Magna Carta

Today I went to the Salisbury celebrations which marked the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. It was a very nice event, which I was fortunate to be able to attend as I live here. Here are some photos of the event that I managed to take this evening. Click on thumbnails for larger images.