Fine day

Today, I would say, has been the nicest weather of the year. Spring well and truly feels that it is on its way. I really like spring, it’s my favourite time of the year. You can enjoy spring knowing that the summer (what we have of it in Britain!) is still ahead of you.

At the moment, I constantly have two cameras on me. A Leica MP rangefinder and a Nikon F3 SLR. The F3 is for the red project and the MP is for general shooting of things that do not fit with the red project. My aim was to have 36 negatives on a roll with red in them. However, I have enjoyed using the Nikon so much that it’s become my main camera at the moment and the MP has been relegated to back up camera. Just goes to show that the most expensive camera doesn’t always win out.

So, I have ended up with Ektar 100 in the F3 (yet another 5 rolls on the way… that’s 15 bought this month, so far) and Portra 400 in the MP. Seems like a fair compromise to me, one for the good light and one for the lower light! I can just about get away with 400ISO at night, but’s it’s a push. I know, digital is easier…

What I have noticed about Ektar is that when the sun is out it produces pastel like colours and produces a look that is not dissimilar tonally to medium format. However, when the sun goes in and the light becomes darker the colours really seem to become saturated. I haven’t seen a film change so much in character in different weather conditions. However, I really like the effects. Of course in Britain, a lot of shots are going to be very saturated!

Magenta, Bournemouth

Boscombe Pier

I went down to Bournemouth tonight and took a few shots of the pier. These are a few of the digital images. I also took some on the large format camera, but they will take quite a lot longer to see!


I took this shot whilst I was in Bournemouth a little while ago.

I have shot about 9 films in the last week or so (we were away in Manchester over the weekend, which accounts for a lot of it). I am going to get it to the processor this week, so that I can post up the 365 projects shots from it when I can. Hopefully, some will be OK!

Untitled copy 11.jpg

Waterfront free iBook

I have recently just completed a short project documenting Bournemouth’s waterfront region. It was a project that I did during the week in lunch breaks and after work (often in limited time periods, due to commitments!). The resulting work has just been published as a book on the apple iBooks store.

Click the image below to link to the iBooks store to download a copy. There is also a new page set up on this site which provides a little more information. However, I have left it to the book to do most of the talking for now!

Waterfront Book Cover