Day trip to London – update

I have created an edit of 30 photographs from the digital shots that I did yesterday. I have posted a few on this post, but the rest are on the London page that I have set up separately. I will bring in some other images from other trips later (as well as the film shots from yesterday).

We were looking forward to the exhibition, so it was a shame that it was cancelled. It was really annoying that the Photographers’ Gallery did not update their website to actually inform us (or others) about this. Hopefully, they will run the exhibition later in the year.



Day trip to London

I went to London today to see the Gregory Crewdson exhibition at the Photographers’ Gallery. However, it was cancelled. So, it was a good excuse to do some street photography. I shot during the day mostly on film, then converted to digital in the evening. There is a substantial edit to do for the digital as it was very productive. I will try and get a selection of the shots up soon. In the meantime, here is a shot that I liked when I took it. I like the contrast between the mother and child in the foreground having fun against the backdrop of the city.