More on Gaza

Yesterday, whilst I was in Salisbury some people were doing a silent vigil for the children that have died in Gaza in the last few weeks. This has been the first thing that I could photograph in the public arena since the last images a few weeks ago.

What I have noticed is that a lot of people are talking about the situation, comments about it are popping up everywhere. However, there has not been much action on the streets.

Conversations about Gaza often drift into related misery talk about Syria and the Ukraine. There are some strong feelings about these situations from people’s conversations, but possibly a sense of resignation about what is happening and what can be done about it.



This week has seen a lot of awful things happen in Gaza, particularly to children. I don’t understand enough about the situation to know who is to ‘blame’, but like most reasonable minded people the atrocities that are happening to children and their families who probably just want to live in safety is wrong. However, I know enough about people and history to realise that whilst these events are awful, they will continue to happen in the future. Our history is marked with violence, and the realist in me knows that the future will also be written with some conflicts.

I watched a TV documentary this week on the BBC called ‘Children of Syria’. It was a very powerful and moving set of stories about the experiences of children in Syria on both sides of the conflict that is occurring there as well. It’s well worth watching if you have the chance to do so (

What I have noticed in Salisbury is that in the last week several bills and comments have been posted up on the walls of the town expressing anger at the deaths occurring in the region. I haven’t seen any bills posted about the deaths in Israel so my sense is that Israel is seen as the aggressor here, and Gaza the victims.

What I might try to do is keep an eye out for images and events that reflect the people’s mood on this subject in the local area here. For me the story about how we British are understanding and forming opinions about the situation seems quite important to make some sense of. I will see what I can find over the coming weeks that encapsulates the current British views on this situation.