Dreaming about youth?

I like that the older gentleman is looking toward the young chap in this shot. The red car in the background is a little distracting, but I don’t like cropping shots too much – I prefer to try and compose in camera as much as I can. One day in the distant future, when I have the time, I might try to scan the images with the film rebate showing. I have always liked that look…



Asleep by the beach

Apologies for the qualities of the scans recently, as there has been loads of dust on them. I need to clean them up better in future…. best order some compressed air from Amazon and something for the scanner!


The watcher in the woods

First image from the 5×4 camera. This was the shot that I thought I had messed up, but it turned out OK. Not great compositionally. However, this is the strange mask that I returned to photograph a week later and was gone…