Wet day in Salisbury

Obviously (for once), not a recent shot as we have had lovely sunshine for a while. But, this is one I took earlier in the year. I am still working on scanning the final film for the 365 project…!

Untitled (3).jpg


I love the expression on the face of the guy walking out of the scene on the right hand side. It’s always quite fun turning around and snapping the people immediately behind you!

Untitled copy 13.jpg


I took this shot whilst I was in Bournemouth a little while ago.

I have shot about 9 films in the last week or so (we were away in Manchester over the weekend, which accounts for a lot of it). I am going to get it to the processor this week, so that I can post up the 365 projects shots from it when I can. Hopefully, some will be OK!

Untitled copy 11.jpg