I went down to Mudeford for the so-called sunrise this morning. It was more of a vague lightening of the land and coast, rather one of those glorious sunrises that you usually hope to see. I am quite glad that the weather was subdued though, because the diffuse light created a subtle scene.

It was lovely to be by the coast, listening to the seagulls and smelling the lobster pots that were waiting to be sent back out to sea. To be honest, it’s a fairly foul smell, but one that very much reminds me of home!


Evening light

I went for a short walk this evening in the fields near to where I live. I just managed to catch the end of the sunset. As I was just out for a walk I didn’t really have the time to set up a thoughtfully composed image. However, I like the resulting panoramic all the same as the sky was very dramatic after a day of rain (click on image for larger version).

ICM – Intentional Camera Movement

I was just looking around at photography workshops on the internet and came across this thing called ICM. My initial impression was “what’s that?” Turns out it means intentional camera movement, which is some form of fine art photography. I remember playing with my old digital years to see what effect moving the camera would have. This was one of the results: