Clothes of Southampton

It’s been a busy weekend, but I have started to scan some of the films back from the processor for the 365 project. Keeping track of what I shot when is a bit of a ‘mare as the film numbers don’t match up with my notes. Still, I can work out what was taken when.

Here is one of the shots. Weird how everyone is pretty wearing the same dull colours in the shot – even the car!


Street talk Southampton

One thing I really like is the comments that people write on walls, etc. in towns. Maybe one day I will pull the shots together to create a mini project or something.


Shooting from the hip

One of the things that I have been practising is shooting from the hip rather than looking through the viewfinder first. Most of the time it doesn’t work at all. But today, this one seems to have been OK!



I am at the point of starting a new documentary project on Southampton. I am not sure what form it is going to take yet, mainly as I just want to explore the different ideas that come up for a while before focusing the work. It’s a project in its really early stages, I have literally only done a few shots so far.

This one is the most interesting of those that I have done so far. I like the cramped almost claustrophobic sense that you get from the image as well as the forlorn look of the man walking down in the street below.