Waterfront was a project that I quietly worked on from February until late July 2015. It was shot in an opportunistic way during lunch breaks, before and after work. The aim of the project was to document Bournemouth’s seafront. Rather than particularly have a set plan of what I wanted to shoot, I just took my cameras and walked up and down the waterfront to see what appeared. Then, at the end of the project I printed off a number of images to make some sense out of what I was doing.

I seem to remember that when Bruce Davidson did his Subway project, he just shot then sorted out the images at the end to create a narrative about the New York Subways in the 80s. The resulting work gives a very strong impression of travelling there at the time through the incredible and quite beautiful images that he created.

Just going with the flow is a style of working that I wanted to do myself. I have never been very good at following plans, I always deviate in some way or other. It’s just not my nature to rigidly adhere to the script! This project, and the iBook that comes from it, I think worked quite well using this approach.

The book is free to download.



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